Project: Granada

It's Time to LOVE Where You Live With the Power of Color!

Are you tired of plain walls but don't want to make a mistake painting the wrong color? Color affects your mood. It sets a tone throughout your home. Paint is the easiest and least expensive way to transform your home, but choosing the right colors can be overwhelming.

That's where I come in.

Hi, I'm Nancy Epstein, a Certified Color Consultant. That means I listen and collaborate with you so your home has exactly the look and feel you've always wanted. And, I make it easy and fun. In just one visit you see how:

  • Color enhances your architecture
  • Well placed color creates harmonious transitions from room to room
  • Color smoothes out your problem areas
  • Perfect wall color is the key to making what you have look its best
  • Your good taste will be expressed throughout your home

Discover how Perfect Wall Color will turn the home you have into the home you love.

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The Process

Contact Nancy to learn how
you can make your
existing home
dream home
(877) 801-1010

"She was an extremely
helpful, pleasant
consultant. She led
me to color selections
rather than dictate her
own tastes. I'm a very
happy customer."

- Irene Gamboa

"What was once a boring,
dull, and lack of style
living space, has now
been transformed
into a surreal,
beautiful, rich and
charming retreat".

- Pam Ray

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